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We develop ergonomic tools for healthy screen usage and deliver our products worldwide through partners. Our products are characterized by the unique combination of ergonomics, affordability, durability and design.


In 2008, Vincent and Anita Bons shared a vision: making healthy working with ergonomic products a matter of course. The desire was to combine this work with their passion for development work. In 2006, they had already met Daniël van Meeuwen. The ergonomic knowledge, in combination with Daniël’s connections, resulted in the creation of R-Go Tools in 2010. Due to the diverse nature in character and talents, a very varied team was created. And it is precisely this great diversity that strengthens us and complements each other! Together we put our vision into practice: developing ergonomic tools so that you can work healthy and thereby give people in need, a second chance. We provide support through our foundation Tools4Life.

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Vincent Bons
Jeroen Verbeek
Office Supplies
Jos Wijtsma
IT & Retail
Valérie de Knuydt
Sales France
Corrie Barbosa
Sales Support
Rohini Sonawane
Nigel Lado
UK & Ireland

We care for your health

We believe that it is important for everyone to live a healthy life. That’s why we design ergonomic products with you in mind!

We care for our environment

We believe that we have the responsibility to be good stewards of the earth we live on.

We care for people in need

We believe that giving is the foundation for building something bigger.

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