Our Story

We develop ergonomic tools for healthy monitor work and supply worldwide through partners. Our products are characterized by the unique combination of ergonomics, affordability, durability and design.


In 2008, Vincent and Anita Bons shared a vision: to make healthy working with ergonomic products a matter of course. Their desire was to combine this work with their passion for development work. In 2006 they had met Daniel van Meeuwen. The ergonomic knowledge in combination with Daniel's connections resulted in the start of R-Go Tools in 2010. Because of their enormous difference in character and talents a very varied team has been created. And it is precisely this great diversity that makes us strengthen each other! Together we put the vision into practice: to develop ergonomic tools so that you can work healthily and give people in need a second chance. We now do this through our Tools4Life foundation.

We Care

We care for your health

We believe it is important for every individual to live a healthy lifestyle. This is why we design our products with you in mind!


Combined with our ergonomic expertise, we strive to create affordable ergonomic solutions that help you to stay healthy. Whether you work at home, in the office or on the road, we will always have a solution in mind to suit your needs.

We care for our environment

We believe we have a responsibility to be good stewards of the earth we live on.


This implies that we take in great consideration how our products are made and what materials are used. By designing a ranged selection of our products according to the principles of circularity, they can easily be repaired, re-used and recycled. Designed to last long!

We care for people in need

We believe giving is the foundation to building something greater.


For this reason we support several development projects globally via our foundation Tools4Life. Our mission is to design and make products in collaboration with these projects, to not only provide financial support, but to genuinely give the ones who need it a second chance by providing work opportunities.

Our Sales Team

Vincent Bons
Jeroen Verbeek
Office Supplies
Jos Wijtsma
IT & Retail
Herman Withaar
Sales Support
Rohini Sonawane
Nigel Lado
UK & Ireland
Xavier Fornetty
Alain Veysset
Office Supplies

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