R-Go 紧凑式迷你键盘, QWERTY (Nordic), 白色, 有线


这款R-GO人体工程学键盘是一款紧凑型迷你键盘。这使您在同时使用键盘和鼠标的过程中, 手将始终保持在肩宽范围内。这样您的肩膀和肘部将可以保持自然放松的状态, 可有效于防止肌肉重复性损伤, 比如腕管综合症。

  • The new way of working

    The keyboard is thin and has a light keystroke, which causes a flat position of the wrists and reduces muscle tension. You can easily carry the Ergo Compact Keyboard around, making it ideal for the new flexible way of working.

  • Plug and Play

    Keyboard with USB connection is instantly ready to use: plug and play!


Model and function
Model:Compact Keyboard
Keyboard layout:QWERTY (Nordic)
Other options:Integrated numeric keyboard
Cable Length (mm):1400
USB version:USB 2.0
System requirements
Compatibility:Windows, Linux
Installation:Plug & play
Length (mm):285
Width (mm):120
Height (mm):15
Weight (gram):280
Product material:Plastic
Serie:R-Go Compact
Logistical information
Package dimensions (LxWxH in mm):310 x 160 x 25
Gross weight (in grams):368
Carton Size (mm):540 x 320 x 180
Carton weight (grams):8000
Quantity in carton:20
HS code (tariff):84716060
Country of origin:China


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