Eine ergonomische Lösung für jeden Bildschirm

Leiden Sie unter RSI-Beschwerden, Augenbeschwerden oder Nacken- und Rückenschmerzen? Sie sind nicht allein. Studien zeigen, dass es die folgende Punkte sind, die seit Jahren eine Zunahme von körperlichen Beschwerden durch Computerarbeit verursachen. Eine ergonomisch ausgestatteter Arbeitsplatz spielt eine wichtige Rolle bei der Vorbeugung von Überlastbeschwerden. Ob Sie nun mit einem Desktop, mit mehreren Bildschirmen gleichzeitig, auf einem Laptop oder auf einem Tablet arbeiten: Für jeden Bildschirm gibt es eine geeignete ergonomische Lösung zu finden. Aber wie wissen Sie, was das Beste für Sie ist?Mehr anzeigen

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Avoid strain when working at a screen: 5 factors in the workplace

We spend more and more time behind a screen. When it comes to ergonomics, this is not without risk: almost a quarter of the workforce worldwide has RSI complaints. What are the effects of screen work on your health? And how can you avoid strain complaints? R-Go Tools investigated this for you.Mehr anzeigen

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Working at a desktop: 6 tips

Do you work at a desktop? Then you probably have a fixed workstation. The big advantage of having your own workstation is that it can be fully adjusted to suit your own requirements and physical measurements. With the correct settings in place, you are unconsciously stimulated to adopt a healthy posture. But how do you do that?Mehr anzeigen

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Increase your comfort with a laptop raiser

It is not easy to adjust a laptop to your own physical requirements, especially regarding the height and distance of the screen and the operation of the mouse (touchpad). As a result, most people adopt a hunched over posture when working at a laptop that can cause neck and shoulder complaints. Should you throw away your laptop? Not necessary! With a laptop stand and the right tools you can still create a healthy workplace.Mehr anzeigen

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Healthy work practices with a tablet? It is possible!

There are no restrictions with a tablet, you can work anywhere. Whether you are in the train or on the couch, you can easily check your documents. Working flexibly brings so much variety and movement with it. You would think this would be good news! But there is also a downside: ergonomic problems can arise with long-term tablet use. Read on to learn how this happens and what you can do about it.Mehr anzeigen

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