Behind the buttons: Ergonomics and keyboards

You come across it at almost every desk: the keyboard. In addition to the mouse, the keyboard is the most commonly used tool when working at a computer screen. The way we type also causes many RSI complaints. How do these complaints arise? And what ergonomic alternatives are there for the 'standard' keyboard?Mehr anzeigen

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The compact keyboard: something different

Ergonomic keyboards exist in many shapes and sizes. What advantages and disadvantages do they have, and what is the most suitable solution for your client? This blog will examine one type of keyboard that you will probably encounter more often: the compact keyboard.Mehr anzeigen

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Split keyboards: healthy and flexible

The split keyboard is a fairly rare type of keyboard. The name says it all: a split keyboard is divided into 2 parts. The parts can be joined together or placed separately on your desk. Do you find this difficult to envisage? Read on!Mehr anzeigen

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Vertical keyboards: typing from a different angle

To make a keyboard ergonomic, make sure that it is as flat as possible. RSI complaints can be prevented by keeping the wrists in a relaxed, straight posture. However, there is another option: a vertical keyboard.Mehr anzeigen

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How do you choose the ideal ergonomic keyboard?

If you follow our blog, you know that there are many different ergonomic keyboards on the market. This does not make your search for the ideal keyboard any easier. R-Go Tools gives you tips: what should you look for when choosing a suitable keyboard?Mehr anzeigen

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Tippen auf einer geteilten Tastatur ein Hype, oder doch nicht?

Die Wahrscheinlichkeit ist groß, dass beim Lesen dieses Blogs eine Standardtastatur auf Ihrem Schreibtisch liegt. Obwohl es viele verschiedene Tastaturen auf dem Markt gibt, verwenden die meisten Menschen immer noch eine Standard-Tastatur; eine Tastatur, die auf einem Entwurf von Christopher Latham Sholes von 1878 beruht.Mehr anzeigen

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