R-Go Riser Duo, Tablet-stander og Laptop-Stander, justerbar, sort

R-Go Riser Duo is an ergonomic tablet and laptop stand in one. You can use the stand as a tablet stand with document holder or as a laptop stand. You can set the R-Go Riser Duo at four different heights.

  • Light and compact model that is easy to transport

    Therefore it is ideal for flexible workers.

  • Extra adjustable in height

  • R-Go Riser Duo is an ergonomic 2-in-1 stand with an unique design

  • Easy to use


Model og funktion
Model:Tablet- / bærbar stand
Andre valgmuligheder:Stå til tablet og bærbar computer
Capaciteit (in kg):5 kg
Position:4 positioner
SkærmdiagonalIC-code:10" ≤ 22" Bærbar
Længde (mm):297
Bredde (mm):221
Højde (mm):5
Vægt (gram):335
Serie:R-Go Riser
Logistieke informatie
:300 x 235 x 8
:355 x 320 x 245
HS code (tariff):84733080
Land van oorsprong:Holland

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