Step by step guide to an ergonomic workplace

Did you know that over a third of Dutch employees suffer from RSI complaints at one time or another? We already know that the layout of a workstation has a big influence on this. So why do we fail to put this knowledge into practice?

Constantly paying attention to maintaining a good working posture often gets forgotten, especially when work has to be completed quickly or when a lot of concentration is required. Often, you will only react when your body gives pain signals, which means you respond after the fact. It is important to set up an ergonomically designed workplace at the office, at home or at your customer’s. A healthy workplace unconsciously forces you to adopt a healthy working posture.

As a guide, there are 10 steps to help you create an ergonomic workplace. In the article below, we have explained these steps (from office chair to mouse) in simple terms with illustrations.

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Monthly ergonomic tip!

Do you have the right mouse size? With shoe size 40 looking for new sneakers size 38 ... hmmm. Everyone knows that it becomes very uncomfortable after half an hour of walking. Why do we often act this way when it comes to the mouse? Who is concerned about the right mouse size? Is it not important enough? We quickly compute about 6 hours a day. With a wrong mouse size you can easily get complaints in hand or wrist. Do you want to know which size is suitable for your hand? Measure the distance from the wrist to the tip of your middle finger. Find the right mouse with your size

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