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R-Go Tools develops ergonomic tools for a healthy computer workspace and delivers its products through a worldwide network of partners. R-Go Tools was founded in 2010 by ergonomic consultancy firm R-Go Solutions and is known for its ergonomic expertise. The products are characterised by the unique combination of ergonomics, affordability, durability, and design.

R-Go Tools’ mission is to ensure that a healthy workspace is the clear choice for computer users. Wherever possible, R-Go Tools makes its products from sustainable materials. Careful consideration is given to the complete life cycle of the product; from raw materials to decommissioning and reuse. The bio-based product line is an example of this.

R-Go Tools also strives for healthy working conditions in producing ergonomic tools. Multiple development projects that support this vision are being backed, including projects in Hong Kong and Brazil.

Complete range of ergonomic aids

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Wide range of promotional materials

Business case study Quantore

Read also our case study with Quantore (distributor in the Dutch office market) in which we tell you how we, together with Quantore, have increased our turnover by 60% a year.

We are happy to share our ergonomics knowledge with you

"How to work healthily with a monitor", "What is the best ergonomic mouse" or "Is standing up the solution?". We have written several whitepapers to give you the ergonomic knowledge you need to better serve your customers. In addition, we regularly write blogs to keep abreast of the latest developments in the field of healthy working.

Online marketing material

Do you want support in the form of banners on your website, landing pages or an online catalogue? We will be happy to help you and here you can view or download the catalogue online.


With our Ergocorner in your showroom, your customers can experience our ergonomic solutions for themselves. When you install this Ergocorner, you will receive detailed instructions from one of our advisors on how to work healthily and how to use our products.

We offer training courses

We have developed various training courses and workshops in the field of ergonomic working. The trainings are given in the training centre in Leerdam (the Netherlands) or at your location.

Personalized marketing materials

We have developed various marketing materials, such as mouse pads and chair cards, which can help you to make your customers more aware of healthy working conditions. We can personalize these materials for your organization.

Product media & data

Need pictures of our products? Maybe an Excel document with all product names? All media and data of all our products are available for download. In addition to all product data in XML, Excel or CSV format, we also have all media, manuals and CE documents listed here.


Our every day ambition is to develop ergonomic solutions from healthy materials and manufacturing them in a healthy way