Document holders

When using both computer and paper documents simultaneously, it is important to do this in the correct way:

  • Ensure an upright posture.
  • Raise the documents (and place them in a corner).
  • Keep keyboard (and mouse) close to the body.
  • Regularly interrupt the work with short breaks.

Many people sit with an incorrect posture while working with documents. This greatly depends on where the documents are placed on the desk. If the documents are between the keyboard and the body, this will result in a hunched posture. The head will need to make large movements when switching between the screen and the documents. If the documents are next to the keyboard, this will result in a slanted posture, which requires the head to turn a lot. Both postures may lead to overburdening the neck and shoulders.

By using a document holder like the Go Flex, documents are raised between the keyboard and the screen. This setup will stimulate you to unconsciously work with an upright posture, whereby you will not need to twist or bend the head unnecessarily. This reduces the load on your neck and shoulder muscles.

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