Working with documents while you are sitting upright!

Document holder and reading/writing slope in 1!

The Go Flex can easily be transformed into a reading and writing slope by pulling the document holder over the keyboard towards you. By bringing the work to you, you prevent a hunched posture.

Ergonomic design

The Go Flex offers quick angle adjustment across 12 levels. You can adjust this document holder with one hand. The ergonomic design enabled the Go Flex to win the Fira Ergonomic Excellence Award in 2016.

Incorporates soft wrist support

There is a soft foam wrist support on the front of the document holder. This prevents pressure on the wrists during writing. For heavier documents and files, there is a separate acrylic attachment.

Monthly ergonomic tip!

Do you have the right mouse size? With shoe size 40 looking for new sneakers size 38 ... hmmm. Everyone knows that it becomes very uncomfortable after half an hour of walking. Why do we often act this way when it comes to the mouse? Who is concerned about the right mouse size? Is it not important enough? We quickly compute about 6 hours a day. With a wrong mouse size you can easily get complaints in hand or wrist. Do you want to know which size is suitable for your hand? Measure the distance from the wrist to the tip of your middle finger. Find the right mouse with your size