R-Go Ergonomic Armrest, bracket and clamp, black

Alternative armrests

R-Go Tools Ergonomic Armrest is the alternative to the armrests on your chair. The angle ensures that your arms are being supported close to the body during computer work. This creates a straight working position and a natural posture of the shoulders.

  • Suitable for several desktops

    You can attach the R-Go Tools Ergonomic Armrest to all conventional desktops.

  • Mounting included

    Included mounts are suitable for desks with a frame or cable tray at the bottom, and for thicker desktops.


Model and function
Length (mm):660
Width (mm):210
Height (mm):23
Weight (gram):2600
Product material:Wood covered with vinyl
Serie:R-Go Armrest
Logistical information
Package dimensions (LxWxH in mm):680 x 220 x 40
Gross weight (in grams):2950
Carton Size (mm):680 x 220 x 40
Carton weight (grams):2950
Quantity in carton:1
HS code (tariff):44219999
Country of origin:China

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