Ergonomic keyboards

When using a keyboard, it is important to do so in healthy way:

  • Type with ten fingers.
  • Support your arms at your elbows and relax your shoulders.
  • Keep your hands at elbow height while typing.
  • Type with straight wrists.
  • Use as thin a keyboard as possible (retract the feet).
  • Allow your hands to rest regularly. Do not keep your hands “at the ready” above the keyboard.
  • Regularly interrupt work with short breaks.

When using a standard keyboard, right-handers must reach sideways for the mouse because the number pad of the keyboard is in the way. This results in an unnatural posture and stresses the shoulders and right wrist. In addition, most standard keyboard are not flat, which causes an unnatural kink in the wrists while typing. Therefore, lots of typing can quickly lead to overburdening yourself.

Using an ergonomic keyboard will help you unconsciously type in a healthy way. An R-Go Compact Keyboard ensures that the hands remain within shoulder width while typing and using the mouse. An R-Go Split Keyboard ensures a natural, relaxed work posture with straight wrists while typing. R-Go Tools keyboards have a light keystroke, which requires less muscle tension during typing and greatly reduces the risk of overburdening yourself.

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