R-Go Compact Keyboard, QWERTY (US), white, wired

Small keyboard

The Ergo Compact Keyboard QWERTY is a compact ergonomic keyboard. During simultaneous use of keyboard and mouse, the hands will always remain within shoulder width. This gives the shoulder and elbow naturally relaxed positions which will help prevent strain complaints such as RSI.

  • The new way of working

    The keyboard is thin and has a light keystroke, which causes a flat position of the wrists and reduces muscle tension. You can easily carry the Ergo Compact Keyboard around, making it ideal for the new flexible way of working.

  • Plug and Play

    Keyboard with USB connection is instantly ready to use: plug and play!


Model and function
Model:Compact Keyboard
Keyboard layout:QWERTY (US)
Other options:Integrated numeric keyboard
Cable Length (mm):1400
USB version:USB 2.0
System requirements
Compatibility:Windows, Linux
Installation:Plug & play
Length (mm):285
Width (mm):120
Height (mm):15
Weight (gram):280
Product material:Plastic
Serie:R-Go Compact
Logistical information
Package dimensions (LxWxH in mm):310 x 160 x 25
Gross weight (in grams):368
Carton Size (mm):540 x 320 x 180
Carton weight (grams):8000
Quantity in carton:20
HS code (tariff):84716060
Country of origin:China

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I can't use the ctrl + home key / ctrl + end key, am I doing something wrong?

    You have to use the function (fn) key and then click the left-arrow key or the right-arrow key, depending if you would like to go to the start or bottom of the page immediately.

  • What key combination makes me jump to the end or the start of the documenten?

    To jump to the end of the document, first click the Fn (function) key, followed by the Ctrl (control) key and last but not least the right-arrow key. This key combination will bring the cursor to the end of the document. To jump from the end to the beginning, just click instead of the right-arrow key the left-arrow key.

  • Have other questions?
Monthly ergonomic tip!

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