Flexible typing with the split

Complete freedom with two separate parts

The Split consists of two separate parts that you can place on the desk in any desired arrangement. This splitting ensures that the wrists are not bent whilst typing. Typing with straight wrists reduces muscle tension and prevents pinching of the tendons and blood vessels. The built-in magnet allows you to change this keyboard into a compact keyboard with 1 easy movement.

Ultra-thin design

The ultra-thin design ensures that the wrists are in a natural, flat position when typing. This posture reduces muscle tension in the hands and forearms and prevents strain.

Easy to carry

The keyboard is lightweight and consists of two parts, making it easy to fit into any laptop bag. Ideal for when you are on the road a lot.

Monthly ergonomic tip!

Do you have the right mouse size? With shoe size 40 looking for new sneakers size 38 ... hmmm. Everyone knows that it becomes very uncomfortable after half an hour of walking. Why do we often act this way when it comes to the mouse? Who is concerned about the right mouse size? Is it not important enough? We quickly compute about 6 hours a day. With a wrong mouse size you can easily get complaints in hand or wrist. Do you want to know which size is suitable for your hand? Measure the distance from the wrist to the tip of your middle finger. Find the right mouse with your size