R-Go Split Ergonomic Keyboard, QWERTY (IT), black, wired

This keyboard offers all the ergonomic features you need to type in a healthy way.

Its compact design ensures that while using both the keyboard and mouse, your hands always remain within shoulder width. The two components can be placed in any desired position. This unique design prevents reaching with the arm and ensures a natural and relaxed position of the shoulders, elbows, and wrists. Thanks to the light keystroke, there is a minimal amount of muscle tension while typing. The thin design ensures a relaxed, flat position of the hands and wrists while typing. The keyboard is lightweight and because it consists of two parts, it easily fits into any laptop bag.

  • The keyboard is compact

  • The keyboard consists of two separate parts

  • Light keystroke

  • Thin design

  • Lightweight


Model and function
Model:Split keyboard
Keyboard layout:QWERTY (IT)
Other options:Integrated numeric keyboard
Cable Length (mm):1500
USB version:USB 2.0
System requirements
Compatibility:Windows, Linux
Installation:Plug & play
Length (mm):288
Width (mm):137
Height (mm):9
Weight (gram):296
Product material:Aluminium
Serie:R-Go Split
Logistical information
Package dimensions (LxWxH in mm):228 x 169 x 30
Gross weight (in grams):550
Carton Size (mm):480 x 345 x 190
Carton weight (grams):11614
Quantity in carton:20
HS code (tariff):84716060
Country of origin:China

Frequently Asked Questions

  • My Caps Lock key is only working for the left side of the keyboard. The Shift-keys are only working for the same part of the keyboard, not for both sides. Can this be fixed?

    You're probably using a system with MacOS installed on it. Unfortunately MacOS doesn't let the computer use two keyboard (parts) with one wire which causes the issue that some keys on the one part, aren't working for the other part. But, this can be fixed. Follow the steps below:

    • Download the application Karabiner-Elements here
    • Install the application and open it.
    • Make sure you are on the tab named 'Simple Modifications' at the top of the window.
    • At the bottom left side you see a button named 'Add item'. Click on it, and you will see a new line appear in the field above the button.
    • Under 'From key', click on the selector and select 'left_shift'. Now click on the selector under 'To key' and select 'right_shift'.
    • Click 'Add item' at the bottom left side again, a new line will show up in the field above.
    • Under 'From key', click on the newest selector and select 'right_shift'. Now click on the newest selector under 'To key' and select 'left_shift'.
    • If you did everything correctly, it should look like this image: KarabinerElements.png
      • Your keyboard should work fine now. If it is still not working, try to reboot your computer or send us a message here

  • Have other questions?