Ergonomic mice

When using the mouse, it is important to do so in a healthy way:

  • Use your whole arm to move the mouse rather than just your wrist.
  • Keep the mouse close to the body.
  • Support your forearm while using the mouse.
  • Position your mouse as an extension of the forearm so that you can operate the mouse within shoulder width.
  • Let go of your mouse if you are not using it for a moment.
  • Regularly interrupt the work with short breaks. A great break tool (such as the one integrated in the R-Go HE Mouse Break) can help you with this.

When using a standard mouse, the hand and wrist are in an unnatural position and you will make small, stressful movements from the wrist. This can quickly lead to overburdening yourself. It is very difficult to stop using the mouse in this way.

The use of an ergonomic mouse will help you unconsciously use the mouse in a healthy way. The R-Go HE Mouse automatically puts the hand and wrist in a natural, relaxed position (with the thumb up). The vertical mouse reduces the stress on small muscles and tendons, because the mouse is automatically operated with the entire arm. This leads to a healthy way of using the mouse.

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