Raise your screen with R-Go Steel

Simple and ergonomic

The R-Go Steel ergonomic laptop raisers are easy to use. They are suitable for every laptop. The Office has a keyboard storage place. The Travel is collapsible and therefore easy to carry.

Industrial look

The R-Go Steel line is characterised by its industrial look. The raisers have a robust appearance and are manufactured in the Netherlands.

Prevents overheating

Due to its open design, the ventilation of your laptop is not obstructed in any way. This increases the performance and lifespan of your laptop.

Monthly ergonomic tip!

Do you have the right mouse size? With shoe size 40 looking for new sneakers size 38 ... hmmm. Everyone knows that it becomes very uncomfortable after half an hour of walking. Why do we often act this way when it comes to the mouse? Who is concerned about the right mouse size? Is it not important enough? We quickly compute about 6 hours a day. With a wrong mouse size you can easily get complaints in hand or wrist. Do you want to know which size is suitable for your hand? Measure the distance from the wrist to the tip of your middle finger. Find the right mouse with your size

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