Do you get neck pain after working at a screen?

We spend more and more time behind a screen. This means there is a good chance that your body will adopt a hunched posture. In this unnatural position, the neck muscles carry the weight of the head. With your chin on your chest, the weight on your neck rapidly reaches 27 kilos. This is much too heavy for the neck muscles!

Prevent neck complaints with a monitor arm

With the screen positioned at eye level and straight in front of the body, you will unconsciously adopt an upright posture. To create a healthy workplace, our monitor arms are adjustable in height and depth and you can also rotate and tilt the screen. The arms are modular, enabling them to be positioned in all directions. Assembly is simple: no tools are required. Set it up at an ergonomic height (on top of the desktop).

Certified 100% recyclable

Our monitor arms are specially designed to be 100% recyclable. All parts are recyclable. Even the packaging material is easy to dispose of and only consists of cardboard.

Dutch design

The R-Go monitor arms are designed in the Netherlands and made of high-quality material at an affordable price. The design is based on minimum weight with TUV quality certification.

More about ergonomics

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