Do you get neck pain after working at a screen?

We spend more and more time behind a screen. This means there is a good chance that your body will adopt a hunched posture. In this unnatural position, the neck muscles carry the weight of the head. With your chin on your chest, the weight on your neck rapidly reaches 27 kilos. This is much too heavy for the neck muscles!

One ergonomic modular monitor arm

Our monitor arms are modularly designed so that you can create an ergonomic workplace in any situation. Do you work with multiple screens or do you like to use a document holder or laptop arm? It's all possible with the help of separate modules. The advantage of this modularity is that the arm can easily be upgraded. For example, you can combine/exchange Zepher modules and (dynamic) Caparo modules.
Certified 100% recyclable

Certified 100% circular

We believe that sustainability starts with design. Our monitor arms are designed according to the principles of "Circular Product Design" with the goal of a low carbon footprint. The amount of CO2 required to produce a Zepher monitor arm is 5 kg CO2. This is equivalent to only 27.2 km of driving. A major advantage of the modularity of the product is that in case of repair, but also in case of upgrades, often only one module needs to be replaced instead of the entire monitor arm. We have received a "100% circularity" certificate for this.

Patented dutch design

Our monitor arms are designed in the Netherlands and use patented technologies:
- Smart Connect technology ensures that you can connect modules to each other without tools and in an intuitive way. It's also easy to set the display to any height, and to set it to the same height across multiple displays.
- Smart Stop technology ensures that each module receives a rotation stop without tools. This allows the rotation of both the forearm and upper arm to be fixed in a certain direction. For example, the monitor arm can never touch a rear wall or an acoustic screen. - Smart lock technology allows the display to be attached to the monitor arm with a single click.
Dutch design
More about ergonomics

More about ergonomic monitor arms

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