Review by Painless Movement

"If you’re looking for a high-quality vertical mouse with additional buttons and strong build, then the R-Go Break is definitely a worthy choice."


"Small attention to detail features such as the small lip make the mouse a pleasure to use. On top of this, the different sizes for different hand shapes make this mouse really comfortable for someone like me that has slightly bigger hands."


"I love having my wrist in a neutral position which doesn’t pronate my forearm and put strain on my already damaged wrist, so for me after testing out the HE Break I’m definitely going to continue to use it."

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Review by Painless movement

"This split keyboard is the first of its kind that I’ve personally used, and from my testing and use over the past weeks – I can say that it certainly a step up from using the basic laptop keyboard that I have on my Mac. It is small and lightweight, fantastic for travel or even just to take to and from work each day."


"Firstly, I should point out that no all ergonomic keyboards are split keyboards, nor are all split keyboards necessarily ergonomic. A true ergonomic split keyboard such as the R-Go Split has some very key benefits."


"The build quality is clear with the R-Go Split. Like the HE Break mouse, the material is soft to the touch, solid, and lightweight. It is the perfect mix for a nice, portable keyboard."

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