R-Go HE Break Mouse, Ratón ergonómico, software anti-RSI, Grande (más de 185 mm), Diestro, con cable

Ratón ergonómico vertical que le ayuda a evitar lesiones. Favorece una posición más relajada de la mano y de la muñeca. Por medio de señales de colores le indica si está trabajando en la posición adecuada.

  • Gives advice

    Gives break advice whilst working by the use of colour signals (LED on the thumb side of the mouse).

  • Movement stimulation

    Stimulates the mouse movement from the arm instead of the wrist so that overload of small muscles and tendons can be prevented.

  • Ergonomic vertical shape

    Has an ergonomic vertical shape that ensures a natural and relaxed state for the arm and hand.


Model and function
Modelo:Ratón vertical
Mano:A la derecha
Longitud de la mano:
≥ 185
Función:Botones, rueda de desplazamiento
Resolución (DPI):500-1500-1750-2500
Número de botones:5 botones
Longitud del cable (mm):1600
versión USB:USB 2.0
Requisitos del PC
Instalación:Plug & play
Longitud (mm):110
Anchura (mm):93
Altura (mm):79
Peso (gram):172
Material del producto:Plástico
Serie:HE Break
Información logística
Dimensiones del embalaje (LxAxA en mm):140 x 112 x 92
Peso bruto (in gram):360
Tamaño del cartón (mm):575 x 575 x 190
Peso del cartón (gramos):14820
Número de cartón:50
HS code (tariff):84716070
País de origen:China

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to install special software to use the mouse?

    The R-Go Break Mouse uses a standard windows mouse driver. To use the 'Break' functionality (the LED light indication) a special application is needed and can be downloaded here.

  • Can I also use another mouse with the application?

    No, the application works with an unique combination of the mouse. The serial number on the mouse is required to connect the application and the mouse.

  • The language of the application is not in my own language, can that be done?

    We can translate the application in any language, this will be done on short term.

  • Does the mouse also work on Mac or Linux computers?

    At the moment the application to control the light is only available for Windows (later than XP). In the future an application will be developed for Mac and Linux.

  • My mouse is working with older versions of Windows, but refuses to work with Windows 10. Can I fix this myself?

    Yes you can. Follow the instructions to delete the driver and reinstall it. Click the Windows button on your keyboard or on your screen. Now search for 'Bluetooth and other devices' or go to settings and click 'Bluetooth and other devices'. If your device it attached to the computer, you will see the mouse there under the name 'USB Gaming Mouse' or 'USB Mouse'. Click on it, and select 'Delete'. Now plug out your mouse and plug it in your computer again. The standard driver will be installed again and your mouse should work as usual.

  • Have other questions?