Do you experience pain when typing?

Typing is a repetitive movement and can quickly lead to strain problems in the hands, wrists or arms. Do you ever have complaints or are you looking for a keyboard that can help prevent complaints? Then an ergonomic keyboard is the solution.

Prevent RSI with an ergonomic keyboard

We have developed ergonomic keyboards that provide a natural, relaxed posture and reduce muscle strain during typing.
Save costs

Save costs

Preventing complaints pays off: according to research, it provides 11% more turnover per employee and 1.8 days less absenteeism per year.

More about ergonomics

When using a keyboard, it is important to do so in healthy way:
  • Type with ten fingers.
  • Support your arms at your elbows and relax your shoulders.
  • Keep your hands at elbow height while typing.
  • Type with straight wrists.
  • Use as thin a keyboard as possible (retract the feet).
  • Allow your hands to rest regularly. Do not keep your hands “at the ready” above the keyboard.
  • Regularly interrupt work with short breaks.
Do you want to know more about what to look for when choosing an ergonomic keyboard and how to type in a healthy way? Read more in our blogs and whitepaper.
More about ergonomics