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The R-Go Break mouse in the news:

"What makes the R-Go Break stand out from the grip mouse crowd is a design aimed at nipping bad habits in the bud."

"If you use a mouse on a daily basis, you'll know that gripping the little device for all those hours can easily cause discomfort. A crowdfunding project is looking to help, aiming to bring a new ergonomic mouse to market, combining an upright, neutral gripping position with visual signals telling the user to take regular small breaks.​"

"The R-Go Break is a wonderfully innovative ergonomic mouse that is designed to relieve you from pain and persistent health problems that can result from having your fingers cupped around a mouse all day long. What's great about this ergonomic mouse is that, in addition to its unique design, it is actually capable of telling you when it's time for you to take a break from typing.​"