Dear colleagues and partners of R-Go Tools,

When we, Vincent Bons and Daniël van Meeuwen, founded R-Go Tools in 2010, we had one vision in mind: “To help those in need”. This is a broad vision. With this policy we want to set our focus in the right direction and explain the meaning of our vision.
We no longer see ourselves as a minor player in the market, nor do we see ourselves as the best in the market. We humble ourselves and notice that as a growing company, the responsibility we have becomes bigger and bigger. Therefore, this new Corporate Social Responsibility company policy must be seen as a starting point. This document is not yet finished, and will never be finished, because corporate social responsibility is not static but continuously advancing itself.
It is our goal to inform you what we have achieved and what our new goals will be for the subsequent year(s). We would like to thank you all for your engagement and support. Together we can make a difference. By helping those in need we can make the world a better place for everyone.

Vincent and Daniël

March 29th, 2018

  • What is corporate social responsibility?

    Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) company policy outlines our efforts to contribute to sustainable economic development. We commit ourselves to working with employees, their families, the local community and society at large, to improve the quality of life.

    Policy brief & purpose

    Our company doesn’t exist in isolation. It's part of a bigger system of people, values, other organisations and nature. Our principle is that “It is better to give than to receive”. Our CSR focus is around four areas: Employees and people, ethics and governance, engagement and environment.
    Our CSR falls under two categories: compliance and proactiveness. Compliance refers to our company's commitment to legality and willingness to observe community values. Proactiveness is to take every initiative to promote human rights, help communities and protect our natural environment.


    This policy applies to our company and its subsidiaries. lt may also refer to suppliers and partners.

  • Employees and people

    The focus of this area is our employees and the people we interact with on a business level. We want to treat all our employees equally. Also, we want to give other people a chance to start a career at our company.


    We ensure that we:

    • Don't risk the health and safety of our employees and community.
    • Avoid harming the lives of local and indigenous people.
    • Support diversity and inclusion.

    Our company is dedicated to protecting human rights. We are a committed equal opportunity employer and will abide by all fair labour practices.


    We actively invest in Research and Development. We are open to suggestions and listen carefully to ideas. Our company continuously tries to improve the way it operates and the products it supplies.

    Donations and aid

    Our company reserves a budget to make monetary donations. These donations are aimed at:

    • Education
    • Community events and
    • Supporting people in need
  • Ethics and governance

    We conduct ourselves in a legal, ethical, and trustworthy manner. We are strict in complying with regulatory obligations and internal policies and ensure that we hold ourselves, and our suppliers, accountable.


    Business ethics

    We always conduct business with integrity and with respect to human rights. We promote:

    • Safety and fair dealing
    • Respect towards the consumer
    • Anti-bribery and anti-corruption practices

    Governance (legality)
    Our company:

    • Respects the law
    • Honours its internal policies
    • Ensures that all its business operations are legitimate
    • Keeps every partnership and collaboration open and transparent


    We pay fair prices to our suppliers and our goal is not to minimize product costs but to increase labour conditions and the quality of our products.

  • Engagement

    To make a difference in the areas where we live and work, we all have a responsibility. R-Go Tools partners with organisations to create a better future for all by engaging in activities such as community service, philanthropy and support for all types of business enterprises whether they be small, minority or disadvantaged businesses. We also look to build relationships with other organisations who want to support people in need and recognise their responsibility.


    R-Go Tools invests in a healthy working environment for its own employees according to Dutch labour regulations. All employees have ergonomic chairs, sit-stand desks, ergonomic accessories, receive training on healthy working and exercise areas in the office. We want our working environment at R-Go Tools to be a prime example of what it means to work healthy so that all people, who visit our office or talk to members of the R-Go Tools team, can understand this concept.


    • Volunteering:
      Our company encourages its employees to volunteer. Our company may sponsor volunteering events in which our employees participate, or events held by other organisations.
    • Supporting the community:
      The mission of our company is to initiate and support community investment and educational programs. For example, it may begin partnerships with vendors for constructing public buildings. It can provide support to non-profit organisations or movements to promote cultural and economic development of global and local communities.

    Currently (in 2018) we support 4 different development projects globally (2 in China and 2 in Brazil).

    Our mission is to produce our products in collaboration with these and other development projects. In 2018 a project was initiated to produce a new developed ergonomic laptop bag together with the “Aqua-Viva” foundation. The mission of Aqua Viva is:” People can get into trouble through all sorts of circumstances and can have problems overcoming it. This can be caused by drug-alcohol abuse, debt, illness, separation, psychological problems etc. Aqua Viva is a Christian organisation whose main goal is to work for the Brazilian fellow man under the motto "people become human again".

    The aim of this cooperative project is to provide job opportunities and above all to prepare the people so that they can take care of themselves by learning a job. For the years 2018-2020 our ambition is to have this project set-up as an example for the future projects.

    Also, we work together with the local company Jobstap. Jobstap is a reintegration company with the vision: "We believe that everyone wants to participate in society and that everyone wants to use their talents and wants to build a future with perspective, even if there is an occupational limitation." In 2018 one person joined R-Go Tools to prepare for participation on the job market.

  • Environment

    Protecting the environment is a serious business

    Our company recognises the need to protect the natural environment. Keeping our environment clean and unpolluted is a benefit to us all. We always follow best practices when disposing of garbage and using chemical substances. Stewardship also plays an important role.


    As a company we do business in compliance with the law and regulations. Our company complies with the following regulations.
     KvK registration
     Tax payments
     WEEE registration

    Also, the products we produce comply with the regulations and the law, such as CE, RoHS, IC, FCC.


    Apart from legal obligations, our company proactively protects the environment. Examples of relevant activities include:

    • Recycling
    • Conserving energy
    • Using environmentally-friendly technologies (as an example, we developed a bio-based laptop and tablet stand)

    Our company is committed to the United Nations Global Compact. We actively promote our identity as a socially aware and responsible business. Management must communicate this policy on all levels. Managers are also responsible for resolving any CSR issues.

    Our mission is to develop products which prevent health problems relating to computer screen usage (like neck, shoulder, back and Repetitive Strain Injuries), to produce them in a healthy way with healthy materials. For this reason, we consider the complete life cycle of a product during the development process. Products are designed using sustainable and durable materials with a minimal carbon footprint.

    We are also WEEE registered, which guarantees the collection and recycling of our electronic devices.