Do you experience pain when using a mouse?

Do you feel pain in the wrist, cold fingers or numbness in the hand? Intensive mouse use can quickly lead to RSI complaints. And recovery often takes a long time when small muscles and tendons become strained. RSI complaints can easily be prevented with an ergonomic mouse.

Prevent RSI with an ergonomic mouse

To prevent RSI and safeguard against health complaints, we have developed a special ergonomic vertical mouse. This mouse ensures that the hand and wrist adopt a natural position when mousing, like you would when shaking hands with someone. The mouse stimulates movement from the arm instead of the wrist. This relieves the small muscles and tendons in the hand and forearm and promotes blood circulation.

Save costs

Did you know that using an ergonomic mouse increases productivity? According to research, it provides 11% more turnover per employee and 1.8 days less absenteeism per year.

More about ergonomics

E’ importante usare il mouse in modo sano:
  • Usa tutto il braccio per muovere il mouse invece che solo il polso.
  • Mantieni il mouse vicino al corpo.
  • Supporta l’avambraccio durante l’uso del mouse.
  • Mantieni il mouse in linea con l’avambraccio ed entro la larghezza delle spalle.
  • Lascia il mouse se non è in uso.
  • Fai piccoli break con regolarità. Un grande aiuto può venirti dal R-Go HE Mouse Break che ti avverte quando è il momento giusto.