We have conducted case studies to investigate the effect of using our ergonomic tools. In the stories below, several customers tell about their experiences. Are you also interested in a case study in your organisation? Please contact us.


The cooperation between R-Go Tools and Quantore started in 2016 when Quantore saw the opportunity to grow sales by offering solutions for a healthy lifestyle and work environment.

CZ Zorgverzekeringen

Since the corona pandemic, working from home has also become the norm at CZ Zorgverzekeringen. For this reason, the demand for ergonomic home working products arose

Lyreco: Healthy mouse usage

Lyreco customer feedback, in collaboration with R-Go Tools


BDO participated in a user test of ergonomic products from R-Go Tools. Read their experiences here.

ISS Facility Services

Constantly paying attention to a good working posture during screen work is often neglected, especially when the work has to be completed quickly or when a high level of concentration is required.