Constantly paying attention to a good working posture during screen work is often neglected. Especially when the work has to be done quickly or when a lot of concentration is required.

That is why it is important to focus on the workplace and to furnish it in a healthy way. An ergonomically designed workplace will unnoticeably stimulate people to adopt a healthy posture while working.

BDO is an internationally operating accountancy organisation with more than 1,500 offices in over 162 countries and employing almost 74,000 professionals. BDO offers organisations new perspectives with services in the areas of audit and assurance, tax consultancy, advisory, accountancy and business advice.
R-Go Riser Flexible laptop stand
R-Go HE mouse
R-Go Split Break keyboard


BDO has participated in a user test of ergonomic products from R-Go Tools. Because BDO wants to take good care of its home working employees, they have set up an online portal where employees can order products.


The HR/Prevention officer and purchase officer of BDO have tried out the following R-Go Tools products for the user test:


  • R-Go Riser Flexible laptop stand
  • R-Go HE mouse
  • R-Go Split Break keyboard


R-Go Riser Laptop Stand

The R-Go Riser brings every laptop screen easily to eye level. This puts the head in a natural position and reduces the tension in the neck and shoulder muscles. The R-Go Riser is made of aluminium, so that it is lightweight, while the sturdiness is guaranteed. This laptop stand is easily height adjustable in 5 steps.

"High quality and interesting design"

Employee, BDO

R-Go HE Mouse

The HE mouse has a vertical grip that ensures a neutral, relaxed position of hand and wrist. This shape stimulates the mouse movement from the forearm instead of the wrist. This way, physical complaints such as RSI are prevented. The mouse lies comfortably in the hand and supports all fingers.

R-Go Split Break Keyboard

The R-Go Split keyboard consists of two separate parts. These two parts can be placed in any desired position, so you can always type with straight wrists. The compact design of the keyboard ensures that both hands remain within shoulder width when using the keyboard and mouse simultaneously. The light keystroke allows for minimal muscle strain during typing. The keyboard is flat, keeping the hands and wrists flat and relaxed while typing.

"Easy to use. Good for preventing complaints because of the design and the applications that indicate when you need to take a break."

Employee, BDO

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