The cooperation between R-Go Tools and Quantore started in 2016 when Quantore saw the opportunity to grow sales by offering solutions for a healthy lifestyle and work environment.

Quantore is a well-known office distributor in the Netherlands with a turnover of over 140 million euros (2014). Quantore's core business is procurement and logistics. Quantore offers a complete line of office solutions (30,000 SKU) to its 450 reseller members. The range consists of product groups such as Computer Supplies, Cartridges & Toners, Office Machines, Paper Supplies and Facility Products.

Global sustainability trends

Global sustainability and health trends in different markets are driving sales of healthy, sustainable products worldwide.


Food Market

"Development towards foods that combine health, sustainability and authenticity in a synergistic way."


Fashion Market

"Trends towards sustainability: All over the world, fashion consumers are becoming more environmentally conscious."


Climate Change

Increasing public awareness creates significant opportunities: "Over the next 20 years, companies that take the lead on climate change will not only contribute directly to emissions reduction, but also have the credibility and status to invite staff, customers and suppliers to follow them, based on what they do, what they have pioneered, or the products and services they offer. It is these companies, recognising the synergies between reducing GHG emissions and increasing productivity and revenue, that will be the new future in business."

Market figures

Global Market figures

  • TAM (Total Available Market) Computer input devices valued at 15,000 - 20,000 MM Euro
  • TAM Ergonomic input devices valued at 1,700 - 2,000 MM Euro
  • Growth rate ergonomic input devices +/- 10%


Currently, ergonomic solutions are mainly available in the “curative” market

  • Small quantities
  • High pricing
  • Mainly via specialised shops


R-Go Tools: Specialist in the “preventive” market

  • Large quantities (for common use)
  • Market conform pricing
  • Available through fixed resellers
  • Specialist in marketing materials

Marketing materials developed with Quantore

  • Salestraining (in house or at Ergonomic Experience Center Leerdam)
  • R-Go Corner experience display
  • Cross-selling materials to create awareness
  • E- Academy with certification
  • Free samples
  • Joint customer visits
"The reason we chose R-Go Tools is because of the strong product range, the enthusiastic staff and some of our members were already selling R-Go Tools products."
"Despite the fact that other suppliers had a larger product range and/or higher margins, ergonomics often ended up in a dustbin rather than being a strong focus. Your persistence and accuracy was key."
Input Quantore
"Profit was not our main goal, but more the attention, knowledge and support regarding ergonomics."
We needed a strong and selective product range with ergonomic support and training for our members. R-Go Tools meets this need."

Business case Quantore

In 2018, we:

  • Trained 50 Quantore resellers
  • Placed ± 30 ergo corners in showrooms
  • Sent ± 5000 flyers
  • Sent ± 200 catalogues "Healthy working". In 2018, ± 200 (out of 450) Quantore resellers ordered R-Go Tools products.


The turnover on R-Go Tools products is growing every year with more than 60% (in the last 3 years).

Your chance

As an ergonomics specialist we like to take the ergonomics out of the niche market by paying attention to design and cost. This significantly increases the target group of users and new customers.


We also invest in sustainable product development. We offer you the opportunity to support consumers who not only want to be more health-conscious, but also want to be more environmentally friendly and are therefore looking for sustainable products. We would be happy to develop the ergonomic product range for your organisation and support you with:

  • Products for healthy screen work
  • Marketing material
  • Ergonomic expertise

We enjoy working with these resellers

Office Depot

And many more