Since the corona pandemic, working from home has also become the norm at CZ Zorgverzekeringen. For this reason, the demand for ergonomic home working products arose. Together with our dealer Health2Work, R- Go Tools has put together home-working packages that allow CZ employees to work at home in a healthy and efficient manner.


CZ group is a Dutch health insurer with over 90 years of experience. With 3.6 million policyholders, CZ has become one of the largest health insurers without a profit motive. Its mission: good, affordable and accessible care for everyone.
R-Go Riser Flexible Laptop Stand
R-Go Compact Break Keyboard
R-Go Zepher 4 C2 Circular Single Monitor Arm
R-Go Zepher 4 C2 Circular Dual Monitor Arm


Ronald van Ooijen, Health & Safety coordinator at CZ Zorgverzekeringen, has drawn up protocols with his colleagues to make working from home as efficient and healthy as possible. Ronald: 'Employees with physical complaints have an ergonomically designed workplace at our offices in order to reduce complaints. This is often lacking at home workplaces. We want our employees to be able to work ergonomically at home too. Therefore we have examined together with R-Go Tools and Health2Work how we can also work at home in a healthy and efficient way.'


R-Go Tools and Health2Work were asked to compile home work packages that the employees of CZ can easily order via their own online environment.


The home office packages consist of the following products:


We were not yet familiar with the home office products, but we are very happy with the offer from R-Go Tools. Says Ronald van Ooijen of CZ health insurance.


"Employees indicate that the products of R-Go Tools are an added value for their home office."

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