Your keyboard: a source of bacteria

Did you know that a keyboard is often a source of bacteria? Especially now that more and more offices are working with flexible workplaces and each time someone else is sitting behind the computer. British research has shown that on average a keyboard contains 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. This has been confirmed by a study by Kimberly-Clark Professional. This study showed, among other things, that your workplace is much dirtier than you would think. Samples were examined from thousands of workplaces in different sectors. Most keyboards were found to contain so much bacteria that you can officially call them “dirty”.Read more

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Ergonomic working from home? Start with a laptop stand

If you don't have a vital job that requires you to be present on-site, you've probably been working from home for a few weeks. The office normally has everything ready for you. And you slide right into your workplace in the morning. At home, this may not be so easy. In a short period of time you had to transform a space in your home into a workplace with the resources you have at home. If you don't have an ergonomic workplace, you might start to notice minor aches and pains in your body right now. But what exactly fits an ergonomic home workplace? One component that should not be missing, in any case, is a laptop stand.Read more

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Healthy working from home

Do you have to work from home too? Then it is important to pay attention to your workplace. Because with a healthy home workplace you can work comfortably and efficiently and prevent annoying complaints in your neck, shoulders or wrists. Read more

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