4 forgotten tools for a truly healthy workplace

Many people spend about a third of their time at the office: sitting at a desk, staring at a screen. If a workstation is incorrectly set up, this can cause muscle problems even if the office design paid attention to adjustable and ergonomic chairs. By adding 4 additional tools you can really turn your office into a healthy workplace.

4 forgotten tools for a truly healthy workplace

When you are responsible for the design of an office, you naturally want to offer the customer a beautiful and totally healthy solution. Therefore, in addition to the right office furniture, include these 4 products in your design:

1. Monitor arm
An incorrectly positioned screen has a direct influence on your posture. A monitor arm offers an efficient solution for this. A monitor arm allows you to place the screen in the correct position for every employee. It is also easy to place 2 screens directly next to each other. It can be used on every desk and frees up more workspace!

2. Document holder
When working with documents and a screen, the head turns a lot. This can lead to neck pain. With a document holder, the documents are raised up between the keyboard and the screen, so that the user automatically starts working with an upright posture.

3. Ergonomic mouse
When using a standard mouse, the hand and wrist often adopt an unnatural posture. With an ergonomic mouse, the user quickly unlearns these bad habits. For example, a vertical mouse causes you to move the mouse using your entire arm instead of your wrist. Unconsciously, you operate the mouse in a healthier way.

4. Ergonomic keyboard
We don’t really think about it, but right-handed people have to reach over the numeric keypad to operate the mouse. This strains the shoulder and the right wrist. Because a standard keyboard is not flat, this can cause an unnatural bend in the wrists. An ergonomic keyboard makes a huge difference in terms of posture and muscle tension.

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