A helping hand: 4 tips for the ideal ergonomic mouse

Imagine: your customer needs new computer mice for his head office. The old ones are hopelessly old-fashioned and furthermore, are totally unergonomic. Do you know enough about ergonomics to be able to help him properly? We list a number of tips.

What should you look for in an ergonomic mouse?

  1. Cheap can be expensive in the long run
    Do you always select 'cheapest first' when searching for new products? Understandable, but also check the quality of the products from your supplier. The cheapest products are often made of cheap material, which means they have to be replaced sooner than you would expect.
  2. Sizes and settings
    It is well known that there are left-handed and right-handed mice. But don’t forget to take the size of the hand into account. Many ergonomic mice are available in different sizes. There is an ideal size for every hand!
  3. User experiences
    Not every so-called ergonomic mouse helps to prevent complaints. It is also good to pay attention to user reviews in terms of comfort and ease of use. Ask a specialist for appropriate advice or read reviews about different mice. Get yourself properly informed. It is often possible to request a trial of several ergonomic mice, so that you can test them yourself.
  4. Good service
    Manufacturers of ergonomic products often offer advice on working ergonomically. This may be of interest to you and your customer. There are often a variety of options including workshops about setting up an ideal ergonomic workplace, and personal advice for employees with specific complaints. In short: good service is definitely a plus!


How does an ergonomic mouse work?

An example of an effective ergonomic mouse is a vertical mouse. When using a vertical mouse, the hand and wrist adopt a natural, relaxed posture. Your entire arm is used to operate the vertical mouse, not your wrist. This prevents strain on the small muscles and tendons in your hand and ensures better blood circulation. You can even get mice with light indicators. The mouse tracks your usage and indicates, by means of a light, when it is time for a short break. Handy!

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