Increase your comfort with a laptop raiser

It is not easy to adjust a laptop to your own physical requirements, especially regarding the height and distance of the screen and the operation of the mouse (touchpad). As a result, most people adopt a hunched over posture when working at a laptop that can cause neck and shoulder complaints. Should you throw away your laptop? Not necessary! With a laptop stand and the right tools you can still create a healthy workplace.

Healthy work practices for laptop use: 4 TIPS

Research has shown that more than 2 hours laptop use per day (without ergonomic attachments), significantly increases the chance of complaints. Do you want to learn some  healthy work practices when using a laptop? There are several things you can do:

  1. Use a laptop raiser. With the help of a laptop raiser or laptop stand you can set the screen at ideal height. There are raisers for both fixed and mobile workstations, with a fixed or adjustable height, either integrated or attached to a monitor arm. There is plenty of choice!
  2. Use a separate ergonomic keyboard and a mouse. In our other blogs you can read more about choosing an ideal keyboard and mouse for your situation.
  3. Connect the laptop to a fixed PC with, for example, a docking station. This means you can work whilst on the go, and still have the advantages of a desktop.
  4. Use a laptop that is at least 17 inches or use an external display. Small laptop screens, with a high resolution, are more difficult to read. This increases eye strain.

Laptop raisers for a mobile workstation

For the mobile workstation, laptop raisers are easy to take with you. However, when purchasing a laptop raiser, pay attention to details such as the adjustment range, stability, size and weight. It would be a shame if you got RSI complaints using a raiser that was either too low or too heavy.

There are also integrated laptop raisers, such as the R-Go Riser attachable laptop stand. These are flat and can be attached to the back of your laptop. The big advantage of this is that you always have it with you and it does not take up extra space in your bag.

Laptop raisers for a fixed workstation

For a fixed workstation at the office, it is best you use a separate screen. You can place the laptop on a monitor arm. This enables you to work with 2 screens, side by side, in an ergonomically, efficient way.

Would you prefer a different type of screen?

There are good ergonomic solutions for every computer workstation, for desktops and even tablets. You can read all about it in our white paper. Download it here!

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