R-Go HE Mouse, Ergonomische muis, Medium (165-195mm), Linkshandig, Draadloos

Verticale muis: voorkomt RSI

De HE Mouse Verticale Muis Links draadloos heeft een verticale grip die zorgt voor een neutrale, ontspannen stand van hand en pols. U beweegt vanuit de onderarm en niet vanuit uw pols en zo voorkomt u RSI. De muis ligt prettig in de hand en ondersteunt uw pols en vingers.

  • Aanpasbare knoppen

    U kunt de knoppen van de HE Mouse aanpassen aan uw persoonlijke wensen.

  • Awardwinnend ontwerp

    De HE Mouse heeft de Benelux Office Product Award 2013 gewonnen door zijn innovatieve ontwerp.


Model en functie
Model:Verticale muis
Bediening:Knoppen, scrollwiel
Resolutie (DPI):500-1000-1750
Aantal knoppen:5 knoppen
Meegeleverde usb-ontvanger:Ja
Gegevensoverdracht:2.4 GHz
USB versie:USB 2.0
Compatibiliteit:Windows, Mac, Linux
Installatie:Plug & play
Type batterij:Li-Ion
Gebruik batterij (in uren):50
Batterijcapaciteit (in mAh):480
Oplaadtijd van de batterij:5 - 6 uur
Oplaadkabel lengte (cm):102
Afmetingen accu (LxBxH in mm):52 x 25 x 4
Gewicht accu (gram):8
Lengte (mm):105
Breedte (mm):83
Hoogte (mm):76
Gewicht (gram):106
Product materiaal:Plastic
Serie:HE Mouse
Logistieke informatie
Afmetingen verpakking (LxBxH in mm):134 x 103 x 92
Brutogewicht (in grams):302
Afmeting omdoos:540 x 490 x 290
Omdoos gewicht (in gram):15980
Hoeveelheid in doos:50
HS code (tariff):84716070
Land van oorsprong:China

Frequently Asked Questions

  • My wireless mouse does not work, what can I do?

    If you have a wireless mouse please check if the USB dongle is correctly plugged into your laptop or pc. Also make sure that the mouse is charged and if not, please charge the mouse with the charging cable attached. Please note that this cable is only for charging.

  • I lost the USB dongle of my wireless mouse, what should I do?

    Please contact the dealer or the company where you bought the mouse. They will help you further in this process.

  • The USB dongle of my mouse is broken, can I get a new mouse?

    Please contact the dealer or the company where you bought the mouse. They will help you further in this process.

  • The mouse is defect, can I get a new one?

    The warranty period for this mouse is two years. If you bought your mouse less than two years ago, please contact your dealer. The dealer or our company will provide you with a new mouse.

  • My mouse is working with older versions of Windows, but refuses to work with Windows 10. Can I fix this myself?

    Yes you can. Follow the instructions to delete the driver and reinstall it. Click the Windows button on your keyboard or on your screen. Now search for 'Bluetooth and other devices' or go to settings and click 'Bluetooth and other devices'. If your device it attached to the computer, you will see the mouse there under the name 'USB Gaming Mouse' or 'USB Mouse'. Click on it, and select 'Delete'. Now plug out your mouse and plug it in your computer again. The standard driver will be installed again and your mouse should work as usual.

  • Have other questions?