R-Go Numpad Break

Black, Wired

  • R-Go Numpad Break, Black, Wired - 1
  • R-Go Numpad Break, Black, Wired - 2


EAN Number: 8719274491439

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  • With break indicator
  • Flat design
  • Easy to carry
  • Can be used seperate or with R-Go Split Break/ R-Go Compact Break

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Product information

Experience maximum freedom while typing with the R-Go Numpad Break. By working with a separate numeric keypad, you can choose whether to operate it with your left or right hand.

By operating the numeric keypad with the hand that's not using the mouse, you can keep both hands within shoulder width and spread the load over both hands. Ideal in combination with the R-Go Compact and R-Go Split keyboard. The ultra-thin design ensures that the wrist is in a natural, flat position while typing. The special scissor mechanism ensures a light keystroke, so you need less force to type. The R-Go Numpad includes a built-in break indicator, which uses colour signals (green, orange, red) to indicate when it's time to take a break.


EAN nummer8719274491439

Model and function

Model:Numeric keypad
Other options:Compatible with R-Go Break

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