R-Go HE Break Mouse

Ergonomic mouse, Anti-RSI software, Medium (Hand Size 165-185mm), Right Handed, Wired


EAN Number: 8719274490623

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  • With break indicator
  • Natural ergonomic shape
  • Stimulates blood circulation
  • Different sizes, left and right
  • Customizable buttons

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Product information

The R-Go HE Break Mouse is an ergonomic vertical mouse with integrated break software. This smart mouse helps you to remember when it is time to take a break. The ergonomic R-Go HE Break mouse has a vertical position, which allows you to move the mouse automatically with your forearm instead of just your hand. This prevents strain injuries, such as RSI complaints. The HE Break mouse has a round shape, so that your hand and wrist are in a natural, relaxed position. The mouse fits comfortably in your hand and supports all fingers. Are you left- or right-handed? We have different versions and sizes available.


The LED colour signals in the mouse indicate how healthy you are working and when it is time to take a break. The mouse encourages you to take frequent breaks. These vital breaks help prevent fatigue, stress of muscles and tendons, stimulate the body's circulation and keep you fit throughout your working day. During mouse usage, the light changes colour like a traffic light. Green light means you're working healthily, orange means it's time to take a break, red light means you've been working too long. By using these subtle colour signals, you will receive simple and positive feedback about healthy (break) behaviour. For more information, visit our R-Go Break page.


  • With break indicator
  • Natural ergonomic shape
  • Prevents RSI complaints
  • Different sizes, for left and right handed users
  • Programmable buttons


EAN nummer8719274490623

Model and function

Model:Vertical mouse
Length hand:165-185
Function:Buttons, scroll wheel
Resolution (DPI):500-1500-2000-3500
Number of buttons:5 buttons

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  • The mouse is defect, can I get a new mouse?

    The warranty period for this mouse is two years. If you bought your mouse less than two years ago, please contact your dealer. The dealer or our company will provide you with a new mouse.

  • My mouse is working with older versions of Windows but refuses to work with Windows 10. Can I fix this myself?

    Yes you can. Follow the instructions to delete the driver and reinstall it. Click the Windows button on your keyboard or on your screen. Now search for 'Bluetooth and other devices' or go to settings and click 'Bluetooth and other devices'. If your device it attached to the computer, you will see the mouse there under the name 'USB Gaming Mouse' or 'USB Mouse'. Click on it, and select 'Delete'. Now plug out your mouse and plug it in your computer again. The standard driver will be installed again and your mouse should work as usual.

  • Do I need to install special software to use the mouse?

    The R-Go Break Mouse uses a standard windows mouse driver. To use the 'Break' functionality (the LED light indication) a special application is needed and can be downloaded here.


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