Laptop Bags

Laptops are ideal to take anywhere. Unfortunately, they are not designed to work healthily and provoke a stooped posture. This posture is very stressful for neck and shoulders.

Healthy working with our laptop bag

We have developed a special laptop bag that allows healthy laptop use. The integrated laptop stand in the bag allows you to create a healthy workplace in any location - at home, on the road or at your flexible workplace. The laptop bag is equipped with a height-adjustable stand, so that the screen can easily be raised to eye level. This will automatically put you in a healthy, upright position. In addition to the integrated laptop stand, the bag also has extra compartments, so you can take a separate keyboard and mouse with you.

Healthy materials

Did you know that the production of leather is a process that often causes a lot of environmental pollution? The tanning of leather is a chemical process that uses substances that have a negative impact on the environment. By using natural means, the environment is spared. This is important to us. That's why we chose leather with the highest certification from the international organisation LWG "Leather Working Group; Improving Environmental Stewardship" for our laptop bag. The LWG encourages leather manufacturers to promote sustainable and environmentally friendly production in the leather industry.

Healthy production

Our vision is that everyone should be able to work healthy. We don't only have our end users in mind, but also the people who produce our laptop bags. The R-Go Viva Laptop Bag is produced in collaboration with the Agua Viva foundation in Brazil. This foundation gives people who have been into trouble before due to alcohol or drugs for example, a new chance. Learning a trade is an essential part in order to provide for their livelihood. This is how we create jobs. In addition, we would like to donate a financial contribution of approximately 20% of the production costs per bag to the Agua Viva Foundation.

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