Laptops are ideal to take with you wherever you go. Unfortunately, they are not designed for healthy working and provoke a bent posture.


And precisely this posture is so stressful for the neck and shoulders. We have developed the R-Go Viva laptop bag that enables healthy laptop use anywhere. The integrated laptop stand in the bag allows you to create a healthy workplace at any location. The bag is equipped with a height-adjustable stand, so that the screen can easily be set at eye level. This will automatically put you in an upright position. The bag also has extra pockets for a separate keyboard and mouse. The R-Go Viva laptop bag is produced in collaboration with the Agua Viva foundation in Brazil. This foundation helps individuals who, as a result of alcohol or drug dependancy, need a second chance. By sourcing the R-Go Viva laptopbag we provide them a way of earning a living to help them going forward.

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Working healthily with the R-Go Viva laptop bag

Our ergonomic laptop bag features a laptop stand that can be easily adjusted to eye level. With the top of the monitor at eye level, you'll automatically be in a healthy, upright position. The bag also has extra pockets, so you can carry a separate keyboard and mouse.

Healthy materials

The production of leather is a process that often causes a lot of environmental pollution. The tanning process often uses substances that have a bad impact on the environment. By using natural means, you can save the environment. For our laptop bag, we have chosen leather with the highest certification from the international organisation LWG "Leather Working Group". The LWG encourages leather manufacturers to produce in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Healthy production

Our laptop bag is produced in collaboration with the Agua Viva foundation in Brazil. This foundation offers a new chance to people who got into trouble (for example because of alcohol or drugs). Learning a trade is an important part of their livelihood. Besides creating employment, we donate about 20% of the production costs per bag to the Agua Viva Foundation.

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