Did you know that your neck muscles constantly have to lift your head in a bent posture? With the chin on your chest, the force on your neck will soon be 27 kilos!


And it is precisely this curved posture that is common in laptop and tablet use. Research has shown that mobile devices pose a greater health risk than the use of a fixed PC. For example, a laptop cannot be adapted to the user: the keyboard is attached to the screen and the mouse control is unfavourable. With more than 2 hours of laptop use per day, the risk of complaints already increases considerably. In order to be able to work healthily with your laptop, chromebook or tablet, we have developed ergonomic mobile device raisers. These raisers easily bring your screen to eye level. This way your head is in a natural position and the tension in your neck and shoulder muscles is reduced. Don’t forget to use a separate keyboard and mouse.

R-Go Riser
R-Go Riser
Lightweight ultrathin aluminium
Made in the Netherlands
Stimulates a straight posture
Easy to carry
R-Go Steel
R-Go Steel
Stimulates an upright working position
Industrial design
Made in Holland
2-in-1 mode: for laptop and tablet
100% biobased material
Modular design
Made in the Netherlands
Adjustable height
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Always a straight working posture

Whether you're working in the office or at home, our laptop and tablet raisers make it easy to bring the screen up to eye level. So you can prevent neck and shoulder complaints.

Complies with European directives

European Directive 90/270/EEC states that the monitor must be freely and easily adjustable and tiltable. In addition, the keyboard must not form a whole with the monitor to enable a comfortable posture. By using a laptop stand and separate keyboard and mouse, you comply with the regulations.

Lightweight, ultra-thin aluminium

The Riser has a unique ultra-thin design. It weighs only 100 grams and can easily carry up to 5 kilos of laptop weight.

Easily adjustable

With the Riser laptop and tablet stands you can create a healthy workplace in no time. They are adjustable in different heights and can easily be set at eye level.

R-Go Riser Duo: 2-in-1 stand

The R-Go Riser Duo is a height adjustable stand that can be used for both laptop and tablet. That way you can work healthy anywhere and anytime.

Attachable: Easily attach to your laptop

The Riser Attachable is easy to attach to your laptop, so you won't forget to take it with you. In just a few seconds you can put your laptop at eye level and fold it back in just as easy.

Easy to take with you

The Risers are made of aluminium and only 1.2 mm thick. This makes these laptop stands easy to carry.

Treepod: 100% biobased

The Treepod is made of biobased material and consists mainly of wood.

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