R-Go Steel Travel Laptop Stand


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Reference: RGOSC015BL

EAN Number: 8719274491545

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  • Stimulates an upright working position
  • Industrial design
  • Made in Holland

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Easy to take with you! 


The R-Go Steel Travel is the perfect laptop stand for when you are on the road a lot. This laptop stand is foldable! This way it easily fits in your bag and you can use it anywhere. The laptop stand is not only easy to take with you, but also encourages a straighter work posture. The R-Go Steel Travel is made in cooperation with the organization In-Made. In-Made gives inmates the opportunity to learn workforce skills in a real production environment and under expert supervision. When you purchase our R-Go Steel Travel laptop stand you are supporting the great work of In- Made and helping people who need a second chance. 


- Foldable, easy to take with you 

- Stimulates an upright working position 

- Industrial design 

- Made in Holland 

- Social product 


EAN Number8719274491545

Model and function

Model:Laptop stand
Capacity (in kg):5 kg
Adjustable in height:No
Easy to carry:Yes
Screen diagonal:10" ≤ 22" Laptop

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