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  • Based on actual screen use
  • Can be customized to the preferences of the user
  • Compatible with electronic desks with a Linak or Innotech controle box

R-Go Break software

Product information

Based on actual screen use, the Sit/Stand Coach adjusts your desk from sitting to standing or a height in between (for use of a standing stool or desk bike). By changing your posture regularly during the working day, you stimulate the blood circulation and prevent physical complaints. You can set your breaks personally and programme your electric desk to rise or lower to your chosen height. The Sit/Stand Coach has been developed in cooperation with furniture manufacturers and is compatible with Linak and Innotech systems (USB connection cable not included). With other systems, the Sit/Stand Coach gives a reminder on your screen and you can adjust the height of the desk yourself.


The Sit/Stand Coach is a module of the R-Go Break software. This patented break software provides break reminders using pop-ups on the screen. Do you use Break products from R-Go Tools? Then the LED light on your Break mouse/keyboard changes colour during use. Green light means you are working in a healthy way. Orange means it is time to take a short break. Red means you have been working too long. In this way, you get subtle and positive feedback about your break behaviour. For more information, visit www.r-go-break.com


*Compatible with Windows


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R-Go Break software