Split typing: a hype, or not?

Chances are that while you read this there is a standard keyboard on your desktop. Although there are many different variants on the market, most people still use a standard straight keyboard; a keyboard that is based on a design by Christopher Latham Sholes from 1878.View More

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Standing whilst working is not without risk

It is now common knowledge that prolonged sitting can cause health problems. The less we sit, the better. So, should we all stand up whilst working?View More

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Is sitting unhealthy?

You eat a quick breakfast at the dining table and then take the car to work. You spend the whole day at the office, sitting at the computer, alternated with a few meetings or customer visits. Then you return home by car and end up on the couch in front of the television at the end of the day.View More

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Dynamic Working

It is now recognised that prolonged sitting is bad for your health. That is why companies and organisations are increasingly interested in dynamic working. But how do you put this into practice?View More

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Regular activity breaks

Zelfs als je ’s avonds na een lange kantoordag sport, heb je kans op gezondheidsklachten door het lange zitten. Daarom is het belangrijk om beweegmomentjes in te lassen die het langdurig zitten onderbreken.View More

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Workshop: word een expert in gezond beelschermwerk - NL Only

Ergonomie op het werk is vast niet nieuw voor je. Maar kun je de klant wel een écht gezonde totaaloplossing bieden met jouw kennis? En hoe gebruik je die expertise om daadwerkelijk meer ergonomische kantoorinrichtingen te verkopen? Wij helpen je graag met de gratis workshop Ontwerp Gezonde Beeldschermwerkplekken.View More

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Interesse in ergonomische producten wordt steeds groter

Een gezonde lifestyle met aandacht voor sporten, gezond eten en ontspanning is tegenwoordig hot topic. Ook komt er steeds meer aandacht voor gezondheid en comfort op de kantoorwerkplek. Uit studies blijkt dat 70% van de werkgevers vinden dat de gezondheid op de werkplek proactief moet worden aangepakt.View More

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Step by step guide to an ergonomic workplace

Did you know that over a third of Dutch employees suffer from RSI complaints at one time or another? We already know that the layout of a workstation has a big influence on this. So why do we fail to put this knowledge into practice?View More

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Healthy work practices with a tablet? It is possible!

There are no restrictions with a tablet, you can work anywhere. Whether you are in the train or on the couch, you can easily check your documents. Working flexibly brings so much variety and movement with it. You would think this would be good news! But there is also a downside: ergonomic problems can arise with long-term tablet use. Read on to learn how this happens and what you can do about it.View More

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Increase your comfort with a laptop raiser

It is not easy to adjust a laptop to your own physical requirements, especially regarding the height and distance of the screen and the operation of the mouse (touchpad). As a result, most people adopt a hunched over posture when working at a laptop that can cause neck and shoulder complaints. Should you throw away your laptop? Not necessary! With a laptop stand and the right tools you can still create a healthy workplace.View More

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