Healthy administration

Do you work in the administration or secretarial department? Then you probably spend most of the working day at the computer. And even though many companies are switching to paperless working, there is a good chance that you will still find a lot of paper on your desk. Just think of booking invoices or checking claims. But how do you keep an overview and can you still work efficiently with all that paper? Because those deadlines have to be met anyway.


Your ergonomically tidy workplace

It is important for your work that your workplace is efficiently and orderly arranged. To ensure that you are in an upright position, it is important to place your paper or binder raised between your keyboard and screen. This way you don't have to turn or bend your head when looking at documents. With a document holder, all your paper has a fixed place and your desk is always neat and tidy. Our R-Go Read2Write document holder can also be transformed into a lectern in one movement. In this way you also stay in an upright position when taking notes.

By working in a natural, relaxed posture you reduce muscle tension and your body has to make less effort. For example, our keyboards have a flat design and light keystroke with high quality scissor mechanism. Typing requires less power and is faster. Use a split keyboard for optimal typing comfort. Our R-Go Split keyboard consists of two separate parts, so you can type in any position you want. If you choose to use a separate numeric keypad, you are free to determine when and with which hand you enter digits.


Work more efficiently

Do you want to stay fit and focused during your working day? Then it is important to take a short break once in a while. Our R-Go Break software uses an LED light to remind you when you should take a short break.

Did you know you can work more efficiently with 2 monitors? You see more at a glance, you can use a number of programs side by side and make even fewer mistakes. Research (Colvin, 2004) has shown that with more than 1 monitor you are 10% more productive and make 33% fewer mistakes. So: do you do a lot of computer work and often need to merge information from different sources, that's definitely worth considering using a second screen. Think about the position of your monitors! Do you use one screen more? Then place it as the main screen right in front of you with the second screen in a corner next to it, at the same distance and height. In this way, you automatically assume a straight posture most of the time. Our R-Go Zepher Twin monitor arm with integrated document holder can offer a solution.