Boost your creativity

As a designer there is a good chance that you often work longer than from 9 to 5, because creativity cannot always be planned! Because of all those hours behind your PC, it is important to design your own studio optimally and to set it up ergonomically


Your ergonomic studio

To ensure that you adopt a healthy working posture on your own, it is important that your workplace is adapted to your body. Starting with an ergonomic office chair and desk. Did you know that with a sit-stand desk you stay fitter and more concentrated during your workday? Do you use the mouse a lot? Then an ergonomic vertical mouse or drawing tablet is recommended to prevent complaints such as RSI. A compact keyboard means you don't have to reach sideways to the mouse.


Work more creative

In order to stay fit and focused, it is important to take a short break once in a while. Our R-Go Break software uses an LED light to remind you when you should take a short break.

Did you know you can work more efficiently with 2 monitors? You see more at a glance, you can use a number of programs side by side and make even fewer mistakes. Research (Colvin, 2004) has shown that with more than 1 monitor you are 10% more productive and make 33% fewer mistakes. What's more, it's so convenient that you don't have to close your design every time to check the email or set up another playlist on spotify. Our R-Go Caparo 4 monitor arm can offer a solution with a separate arm for each monitor.