Healthy programming

As a software developer, website builder or programmer you probably work a lot with different applications; from javascript, to Wordpress or SQL databases. You often have to deal with deadlines; whether it's from a scrum-run, delivering the design of a new website or a new software release. Considering the amount of time you spend behind your PC, it is very important to work as comfortably as possible. And a healthy workplace is a must!


Your ergonomic workstation

To ensure that you adopt a healthy posture during the many hours you spend behind your workstation, it is important to design your workplace ergonomically. Besides a good chair and desk, it is also good to pay attention to keyboard and mouse. For example, our keyboards have a light keystroke with high quality scissor mechanism, so there is less muscle tension in the hands and arms while typing. Do you use the mouse a lot? Then an ergonomic vertical mouse is recommended to prevent complaints such as RSI.


Work faster

To keep fit during your working day, it is important to take a short break once in a while. Our R-Go Break software uses an LED light to remind you when you should take a short break.

Did you know that with 2 screens you can work more efficiently and therefore faster? You see more at a glance, you can use a number of programs side by side and make even fewer mistakes. Research (Colvin, 2004) has shown that with more than 1 monitor you are 10% more productive and make 33% fewer mistakes. Our R-Go Caparo 4 monitor arm can offer a solution with a separate arm for each monitor or a holder for your laptop.