Fit and efficient management

As a manager, you are hardly ever at your place: you are often in meetings, on the phone, on the road or active on the shop floor. Working behind the PC often consists of getting rid of the long list of e-mails, making reports, analyses or PowerPoint presentations. The high pressure on the kettle can sometimes lead to increased muscle tension in your body. That's why it's important to be able to work relaxed behind your PC. An ergonomically designed workplace can offer a solution!


A healthy workplace everywhere

To be able to work healthily anywhere with your laptop or tablet, we have come up with solutions that allow you to create your own ergonomic workplace quickly and easily. With a device booster like the R-Go Riser Duo, you'll be able to sit in an upright position behind your screen even during a meeting with your laptop or tablet. In this way you prevent pain in the neck and shoulders. Don't forget to use a compact keyboard and separate mouse. You can easily take it with you in our R-Go Viva Laptop bag with integrated laptop booster. This allows you to create a healthy workplace quickly and easily, even when you're on the road.


Work quickly and efficiently

By organizing your workplace ergonomically you will notice that you work faster and more efficiently! The natural, relaxed posture reduces muscle tension and your body has to make less effort. For example, our keyboards have a flat design and light keystroke with high quality scissor mechanism. Typing requires less power and is faster.