Stay fit during your studies

If you're a student, you'll know how to turn any place into a workplace: whether it's the study room at school, the desk in your room or in between in the train or coffee bar. Sometimes it's about short moments, just checking your mail or surfing the internet. But also those long hours typing for a report or your final thesis. And precisely then it is important to pay attention to your workplace. Because with a healthy workplace you can work quickly and comfortably and prevent annoying complaints such as RSI.


A healthy workplace everywhere

To be able to work healthily anywhere with your laptop, chrome book or tablet, we have come up with solutions that allow you to create your own healthy workplace quickly and easily. With a device raiser such as the R-Go Riser attachable you will automatically sit in an upright position and prevent neck and shoulder complaints. Our lightweight laptop and tablet boosters are easy to carry. Don't forget to bring a separate keyboard and mouse. Our R-Go Compact keyboard easily fits into any laptop bag.


Work faster

With a healthily furnished workplace, you will notice not only more comfort, but also that you work faster! Through a natural, relaxed posture you reduce muscle tension and your body has to make less effort. For example, our keyboards have a flat design and light keystroke with high quality scissor mechanism. Typing requires less power and is faster.