We care for people in need

Helping people in need is our passion

That is why we support various development projects worldwide through our Tools4Life foundation. We also cooperate with various projects to develop and produce products, such as our R-Go Viva Laptop Bag and Steel laptop stands. This way, we offer financial support and strive to create employment opportunities for people who need a second chance.



Tools4Life Foundation was founded on 1 October 2018 with the mission to give those in need and living in poverty the means to make a living for themselves. To do so, Tools4Life supports several projects, including:

  • Agua Viva Foundation
    Agua Viva is an addiction care institution dedicated to teaching former addicts a trade to provide for themselves.
  • A project in Indonesia
    This project helps women who are disowned or at risk within their own families with shelter and training. The aim is to teach these women to provide for themselves by, for example, making and selling products.
  • Christian Refugee Relief Foundation (CRR)
    Among other things, the Christian Refugee Relief Foundation (CRR) sends relief supplies to refugee camps in Southern Europe on a monthly basis. Besides financial support, Tools4Life has started a clothing collection point at Techniekweg 15 in Leerdam since the end of 2022.

Cooperation with

Agua Viva

To produce the R-Go Viva laptop bag, we cooperate with the Agua Viva foundation in Brazil. Agua Viva is a Christian organisation whose mission is to work for Brazilian fellow human beings under the motto ” people becoming human again”. People can get into trouble due to all kinds of circumstances and get stuck as a result. This can be through drug-alcohol abuse, debt, illness, divorce or psychological problems. Agua Viva offers help in the form of a rehabilitation centre.

Agua Viva

Will you help?

By buying our laptop bag, you ensure that people in need are given the prospect of a new life. We donate about 20% of the production cost of the laptop bag to the Agua Viva foundation. This way, they can give even more people a new chance!

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Collaboration with


The R-Go Steel laptop stands are made in collaboration with the Dutch organisation In-Made. In-Made gives inmates the chance to learn job skills in a real production environment and under expert guidance.


Will you help?

In-Made’s work aligns with our vision to provide employment opportunities for people who need a second chance. That’s why we started working together. Since November 2021, inmates have started assembling our R-Go Steel Travel laptop stand. When you purchase an R-Go Steel laptop stand, you support the great work of In- Made and help people who need a second chance.