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Ergonomic keyboards

Typing for hours on a keyboard is something you obviously want to be able to do without sore wrists, shoulders and fingers. R-Go Tools has developed several ergonomic keyboards that allow you to type healthily. We help you in 3 steps to do your work unimpeded:

  1. Choose the ergonomic keyboard that is right for you
  2. Order via our web shop or from your reseller
  3. Experience healthy typing yourself

Customer experiences


“Together with the tilted mouse and mouse pad, I notice that the symptoms of my wrist decrease. Very happy with it!”

Margreet V., via Ergowerken

“After a few days I had fully mastered the keyboard. I also feel the difference: after a working day, my shoulders are much less painful”

Gregory V., via Ergowerken
Time for a break!
you are working healthily
time for a break
you missed a break

Time for a break!

Ergonomic Break keyboards

A stiff neck or back is often a signal to get moving. When you take a break and take time to do something else, you recharge. Your muscles relax. Your blood flow is restored and you get refreshed.

R-Go Break keyboards help you to take short breaks

The keyboard includes an LED pause indicator controlled by the R-Go Break software. This LED changes colour, like a traffic light. When the LED turns green, it means you are working healthily. Orange indicates it is time for a short break and red means you have missed a break. This gives you positive feedback on your working behaviour.

Ultimate freedom

Ergonomic split keyboard

The R-Go Split keyboard consists of two separate parts, which you can place on your desktop in any desired set-up. This way, you experience maximum freedom. By separating the parts, you prevent annoying flexing of the wrists.

Typing with straight wrists reduces muscle tension in forearms and hands and ensures that tendons and blood vessels are not oppressed. The built-in magnet allows you to transform the two separate parts of the keyboard into a compact keyboard with just one movement.

Ergonomic compact design

Healthy working everywhere

The compact design prevents sideways reaching for the mouse. When using keyboard and mouse simultaneously, your hands always stay within shoulder width. This gives your shoulders, elbows and wrists a natural, relaxed position, preventing annoying strain injuries such as CANS (Complaints of Arms Neck and Shoulders). Do you need to enter numbers regularly? Then use our separate numeric: the R-Go Numpad Break. Choose to operate it with left or right and put it aside when you don’t need it for a while.

Another great benefit of our compact keyboards. You can easily take them anywhere. So you can work healthily anywhere!

Our keyboards are very thin, so blood vessels and tendons are not oppressed. The special scissor mechanism in the keys ensures a light keystroke, so less force is needed while typing.


Frequently asked questions

Why doesn't the keyboard have a numeric part?

Our keyboards deliberately have a compact model without a numeric part on the right side. This allows you, even with right-handed mouse usage, to work within shoulder width. As a result, the shoulders are in a natural, relaxed position. However, a separate numeric keypad is available.

Why is the keyboard so thin?

The thinner the keyboard, the flatter the position of your wrists and hands while typing. This natural position reduces muscle tension and prevents annoying complaints such as CANS (Complaints of Arms Neck and Shoulders).

When should I choose a split keyboard?

Can you type blindly? Then the split keyboard is the best option. By separating the two parts, you can type with straight, relaxed wrists.

How do I make the best use of the break indicator on the keyboard?

Download the free Break LED controller here and personalise your breaks.

What different keyboard layouts are available?

Our keyboards are available in the following layouts: QWERTZ (DE), QWERTY (US), QWERTY (UK), QWERTY (Nordic), QWERTY (IT), AZERTY (FR) and AZERTY (BE).


With care

for the environment.

We strive for circularity in the design and production of our products. For this commitment, we have received the Ecovadis Platinum certification.

  • All the plastic and aluminum used for our keyboards is 100% recycled.
  • Eco-friendly packaging made of recycled cardboard with FSC-certified sleeves.

Helping people in need

is our passion.

We believe that people in need should be given a second chance in life. We want to help with this by:

  • Donating >10% of our profits to development projects, through our Tools4Life foundation.
  • Cooperating with organizations such as Avres. This organization gives people who are distanced to the labor market a chance to work and use their talents.

Thanks to our efforts, we may officially call ourselves a B Corp since 2023!