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Ergonomic monitor arms

Putting your monitor at the right height prevents painful neck and shoulders. R-Go Tools has developed several ergonomic monitor arms with which you can work conveniently and healthily in different working conditions. We help you in 3 steps to do your work unhindered:

  1. Choose the monitor arm that is suitable for you
  2. Order via our web shop or from your reseller
  3. Experience yourself how healthy you work with an ergonomic monitor arm

Customer experiences


“I bought a Caparo D2 and it turned out to be a hit. This thing is super stable and works perfectly.“

W.s.J., via Ergowerken

“Great ergonomic relief. Solid and chic!“

Thurmair, via
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100% circular

Sustainable monitor arms

Our monitor arms are designed according to the principles of “Circular Product Design” with the aim of keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible. The monitor arms are fully recyclable, as the aluminum and plastic used can be easily separated. We have received a “100% circularity” certificate for this.

In addition, we compensate every pound of CO2 needed to produce a monitor arm by planting trees in cooperation with non-profit organisation OneTreePlanted. By purchasing our monitor arms, you help us!

Fully adjustable monitor arm

Adjust as desired

With a R-Go monitor arm, your monitor is easily adjustable in height and depth. In addition, you can swivel and tilt the screen as required. So you can quickly create your own healthy workplace. Our Caparo monitor arm can even be adjusted in height with just one hand thanks to the built-in gas spring. This makes the Caparo ideal for flexi-workspaces!

Installation from above

The monitor arms can be attached from above the worktop. This allows you to work in an upright posture even during installation!

Modular design

Create your own set-up!

Build your own monitor arm using separate modules, such as a document holder, laptop holder , smartbar or an extra arm. The modular design allows you to easily upgrade your monitor arm and, in case of maintenance, only a single module needs to be replaced instead of the entire monitor arm.




Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between a Caparo and Zepher monitor arm?

The Caparo monitor arm features a gas spring. This makes this monitor arm most suitable for flexible workplaces.

Can I change my monitor arm into a double one later on?

The monitor arms have a modular design, so they can be easily extended with various modules. For example, you can add an extra arm, document holder or laptop stand.

Do you also have a monitor arm for 3 or more monitors?

No, three monitors on the same monitor arm will be too heavy. You will then need a separate monitor arm. However, we do not recommend using more than two monitors, as you will no longer be able to work in a healthy posture.

Can the monitor arm be installed by one person?

The monitor arm can easily be installed by 1 person from above the worktop.


With care for

the environment.

We are committed to circularity in the design and production of our products. For this commitment, we have received Ecovadis Platinum certification.

  • Our monitor arms are made from almost 100% recycled raw materials.
  • Eco-friendly packaging made of recycled cardboard with FSC-certified sleeves.
  • Designed to last: made from premium materials for long life.
  • We offset the CO2 emissions caused by the production of our monitor arms. We do this by planting trees, together with the non-profit organization One Tree Planted.

Helping people in need

is our passion.

We believe that people in need should be given a second chance in life. We want to help with this by:

  • Donating >10% of our profits to development projects, through our Tools4Life foundation.
  • Cooperating with organizations such as Avres. This organization gives people who are distanced to the labor market a chance to work and use their talents.

Thanks to our efforts, we may officially call ourselves a B Corp since 2023!