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On this R-Go Tools Partner Portal you will find handy marketing and sales tools such as catalogs, product specifications, personalized sales tools. So that you can easily make more sales.


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Case study: ISS Facility Services

Constantly paying attention to a good working posture during screen work is often neglected, especially when the work has to be completed quickly or when a high level of concentration is required.

Lyreco: Healthy mouse usage

Lyreco customer feedback, in collaboration with R-Go Tools

CZ Zorgverzekeringen: Case study "Healthy working at home"

Since the corona pandemic, working from home has also become the norm at CZ Zorgverzekeringen. For this reason, the demand for ergonomic home working products arose


The cooperation between R-Go Tools and Quantore started in 2016 when Quantore saw the opportunity to grow sales by offering solutions for a healthy lifestyle and work environment.

We care for your health

We believe that it is important for every individual to have a healthy lifestyle. That's why we design our products with you in mind!
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We care for our environment

We believe we have a responsibility to be good stewards of the earth we live on.
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We care for people in need

We believe that giving is the basis for building something bigger.
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Ergonomic knowledge

We are pleased to share our ergonomic knowledge with you

"How to work healthy with a screen?", "What is the most ergonomic mouse?" or "Is standing while working the solution?" We have written several Whitepapers to give you the ergonomic knowledge you need to serve your customers even better. In addition, we write blogs on a regular basis to discuss the latest developments in the area of healthy working.

We offer trainings

Wij hebben verschillende trainingen en workshops ontwikkeld op het gebied van ergonomisch werken. De trainingen worden gegeven in het trainingscentrum in Leerdam (Nederland) of bij jou op locatie.

Product media & data

Easily download images, XML or Excel files of all our products

Need pictures of our products? Perhaps an Excel document with all product names? All media and data of all our products are available for download. Besides all product data in an XML or Excel format, we also have all media, manuals and CE documents here.

Marketing materials

Online marketing material

Would you like support in the way of banners on your website, landing pages or an online catalog? We are happy to assist you. Here you can view or download the catalog online.

Customized marketing materials

We have developed several marketing materials, such as mouse pads or chair cards, that can help you raise awareness of healthy working among your customers. We can personalise these materials for your organisation.

Make ergonomic working a matter of course!

With these displays you bring ergonomics to the attention of your customers.


This way you not only improve the sales of branded accessories, but our ergonomic products can also be demonstrated and tested.


This helps you to provide your customers with the best advice and to choose a product that suits them!


With our Ergocorner in your showroom your customers can experience our ergonomic solutions for themselves. When placing this Ergocorner, one of our advisors will give you extensive instructions about healthy working and the use of our products!