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Ergonomic laptop stands

By bringing the screen of your laptop more at eye level, you can prevent painful neck and shoulders. R-Go Tools has developed several ergonomic laptop stands with which you can work conveniently and healthily in different working conditions. We help you in 3 steps to do your work unimpeded:

  1. Choose the laptop stand that is right for you
  2. Order from your reseller via our web shop
  3. Experience for yourself how healthy you work with an ergonomic laptop stand

Customer experiences


"Delivered well packaged, clear instructions included on how to set it up, very thin but still sturdy. Does not slide away during usage with my laptop on it. Fits well in my laptop bag and so easy to take with me, especially as it is so thin and light. Highly recommended!"

Baydogan09, via

"It's very light and space-saving, so it can go anywhere with you. You can also use it to watch movies, what a super device!"

Micz, via
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Always an upright working position

Raises your laptop screen

Did you know that in a hunched posture, your neck muscles constantly have to lift your head? With chin on chest, the force on your neck is easily 59.5 lbs (27 kg)! And it is precisely this hunched posture that is common with laptop and tablet usage.

Do you want to work healthily with your laptop or tablet? Then raise the screen to eye level and use a separate keyboard and mouse. With the Riser laptop and tablet stands, you can create a healthy workplace in no time. They are adjustable to various heights and can easily be set at eye level.


Ultra-thin and lightweight

Easy to carry

The Riser laptop stands are made of Hylite®: the thinnest aluminum composite in the world. This makes the stand very light and easy to carry. 

Our thinnest Riser is only 1 mm and weighs 3.5 oz (110 grams). Because the material is very strong, the Risers can support up to 11.0 lbs (5 kg) of weight!  

Different variants possible

Discover the Riser Duo 2 in 1 stand

The R-Go Riser Duo is a 2-in-1 solution. You can convert this laptop stand into a tablet riser in no time. The Duo is easily adjustable in 4 positions, so you can always work at eye level. This brings your head into a natural position and reduces tension in your neck and shoulder muscles.

It also features an integrated document holder to raise your documents to make them easier to read. The Riser Duo is ultra-thin and lightweight: ideal for carrying in your bag!


The Riser is available in different variants. For example, the Riser Flexible is a stand-alone healthy solution for any workstation. Our Riser Attachable is easy to attach to your laptop with Velcro.

Do you work a lot with documents? Then choose the Riser Document with integrated document holder.


Frequently asked questions

Where are the Riser laptop stands produced?

The Riser laptop stands are produced in the Netherlands.

What variants of Riser laptop stands are available?

Besides the Riser flexible, there is also an attachable variant available which can be attached to your laptop with Velcro. Also available is a variant suitable for both laptop and tablet use: the Riser Duo. Finally, the Riser Document is equipped with a document holder for working from paper.

Can I order this laptop stand with my own logo?

Yes, this is possible with minimum order of 100 units.


With care for

the environment.

We strive for circularity in the design and production of our products. For this commitment, we have received Ecovadis Platinum certification.

  • All the aluminum used for our laptop stands is 100% recycled.
  • Eco-friendly packaging made of recycled cardboard with FSC-certified sleeves.

Helping people in need

is our passion.

We believe that people in need should be given a second chance in life. We want to help with this by:

  • Donating >10% of our profits to development projects, through our Tools4Life foundation
  • Cooperating with organizations such as Avres. This organization gives people who are distanced to the labor market a chance to work and use their talents.

Thanks to our efforts, we may officially call ourselves a B Corp since 2023!