R-Go Tools

Who we are.

R-Go Tools’ mission is to make healthy working possible for everyone. Therefore, we develop trendy, affordable, ergonomic products suitable for every computer user. Our products are patented and approved by ergonomists. In addition, we produce everything with an eye for nature and a heart for people, which is why we are Ecovadis Platinum and B- Corp certified.

Because we care.

Your health

is our priority

Healthy living is important for everyone. We believe it is important that you stay healthy and fit while working, too. That is why we design ergonomic products with you in mind.

  • Our patented products
  • Developed together with ergonomists
  • AGR certified products
  • Awarded various prizes

With care

for the environment

We feel responsible to be good stewards of the earth we live on. We do this by:

  • Using sustainable materials
  • Planting trees for every monitor arm sold i.c.w. OneTreePlanted to offset CO2 emissions
  • Certification with EcoVadis Platinum

Helping people in need

is our passion

We offer people in need a second chance by:

  • Donating >10% of our profits to development projects through our Tools4Life foundation
  • Collaboration with the Agua Viva foundation in Brazil
  • Collaboration with In-Made to offer work experience to prisoners

Since 2023, we are officially a B Corp!


Our sales team

Marco Vicente
Account manager Spain and Portugal
Nicole Lisson
Account manager Germany
Salvatore Vento
Account manager Italy and Greece
Vincent Bons
Jeroen Verbeek
Account manager Germany and Netherlands
Valérie de Knuydt
Account manager France
Damiën Venus
Account manager UK and Netherlands
Rohini Sonawane
Sales manager USA
Annalisa Fedeli
Account Manager Nordics and Germany
Sha Sha van Meeuwen
Account manager Marketplaces
Corrie Barbosa
Sales support

Trainings & White papers

We love to share our ergonomic knowledge

We have developed various training courses and workshops on ergonomic working. These training courses are offerred at our training centre in Leerdam (the Netherlands) or via a Webinar.

In addition, we have written several blog and White papers to expand your ergonomic knowledge, so that you can serve your customers even better.

Short breaks are the secret to more

Productivity, focus and job satisfaction

A stiff neck or back is often a signal to get moving. When you take a break to relax or take time to do something else, you recharge. Your muscles relax. Your blood flow is restored and you get refreshed.

The R-Go Break Mouse helps you to take short breaks

The R-Go Break mouse contains an LED light controlled by the R-Go Break software. This light changes colour, like a traffic light. When the light turns green, it means you are working healthily. Orange indicates it’s time for a short break and red means you’ve missed a break. This gives you positive feedback on your working behaviour.

The R-Go Break software allows you to personally adjust break times and frequency. This way, you can increase the break frequency in case of complaints or on the advice of your therapist. The Break software also allows you to choose what you want to do during your breaktime: stretch exercises, turn your electric desk up or down or receive a personalised message when it is time for a cup of tea, a game of table tennis or a walk.